„But peace demanded undeviating, pertinacious, continual duty,
longs for endurance, doesn´t allow any doubt.”

Aristide Briand, French Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate


Consulting Training

Through lots of trainings as well as long-standing experience across the whole
range of security sector, I am pleased be at your disposal as trainer/lecturer in
the following areas.

Among other things we offer:

  • legal studies and safety technologies for the preparation of expert security knowledge
  • legal studies for security experts
  • execution of personnel controls as well as baggage, post and goods with metal and walk-through detectors, hand held metal
    detectors and baggage scanning equipment
  • drawing up of security concepts for labour safety experts
  • basics of investigation service for corporate security service technical experts
  • weapon expertise, theoretical and practical firearms training, as well as yearly instruction
  • theoretical and practical training as radio operator
  • operational fire protection instruction / fire extinguishing training

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