„But peace demanded undeviating, pertinacious, continual duty,
longs for endurance, doesn´t allow any doubt.”

Aristide Briand, French Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate


Consulting Training

Many of decision makers/policy makers are understandably upset by the announcements of the last years. Terrorist attacks, crises and armed conflicts in neighbouring countries and also thunderstorms and disasters with possible catastrophic consequences clarify the need to provide concrete protection measures for your company.

Very often there is no reliable and above all independent contact person for your problems - this we will change. Many service companies, providing you analysis and prevention from a single source, facing very often interest conflict between security requirements of your company and the economic needs of their own company.

We are an independent consultant. After a thorough analysis of potential high risk via the concrete requirements of your company and an extensive weak-point analysis, if desired also by taking into account a penetration test, we will advice you a package of measures which will fit exactly to your situation. From the construction situation over selection, review and training of your personnel up to IT plants, we have abundance of protective measurements and plans for crisis management.

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