„But peace demanded undeviating, pertinacious, continual duty,
longs for endurance, doesn´t allow any doubt.”

Aristide Briand, French Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate


With our youngest field of business we are able to present to you an extensive service package around working at heights and rope access techniques, benefiting from our long experiences in the event and exhibition business.

Our employees have all the required trainings and safety instructions, moreover the necessary equipment in order to react flexible on your request to comply minimally invasive work in maximum and minimum height.

Together with our business field "Fire Protection/Medical Service" we can offer you attractive service packages round about the topic height rescue.

We would like to share our experiences and to hold instruction and training courses with your employees concerning the appropriate and legally correct use of personal protective equipment (PSA).

Among other things we offer:

  • industrial climbing
  • rope access techniques
  • rigging
  • height rescue
  • object related instruction "Personal Protective Equipment" (PSA)
  • disposal of storm damages

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