„But peace demanded undeviating, pertinacious, continual duty,
longs for endurance, doesn´t allow any doubt.”

Aristide Briand, French Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate


Security of Events Personal Protection

Whether for a small discrete business dinner or for an event with thousands of guests, the F.E.L.I.X Security GmbH will provide you the best possible support.

Depending from your requirements we will take over site survey of possible locations for events, check the premises and escape routes. If necessary and if so desired we will also support you concerning arrangements with the local authorities (police, fire brigade).

The access control with metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors and identification systems, personnel capacities to ensure safety of all possible access routes and to protect vulnerable persons or items. If you also require baggage control with a baggage scanning system (x-ray unit), we can additionally ensure this.

All employees and contractual partners of F.E.L.I.X Security GmbH have the right technical and interpersonal skills, personal data checked by the police, experienced in interactions with various personality types, suitable dressed in accordance with the event and able to communicate by hidden radio equipment.

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