„But peace demanded undeviating, pertinacious, continual duty,
longs for endurance, doesn´t allow any doubt.”

Aristide Briand, French Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate


In a time, of growing demand for security in business sectors, in communities and for private persons, where more and more make use of the service of private security companies we are aware of our responsibilities regarding this important development. F.E.L.I.X Security founded in 2004 stands since 10 years for qualified and efficient services on the whole area of security and beyond that.

We provide you highest reliability, flexibility, independency and greatest possible assignment appropriate to each task and need for security.

If you want to learn more about F.E.L.I.X Security GmbH or you have already special requirements or demands - we look forward to your call or email asking for further detailed information.

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